Catching up.

The first minute, or so, of a Sabicas Alegria – Ole Mi Cadiz. Then rumba variations of the same music that I ‘created’ quite a while ago. Therefore – Catching up.

It surprises me how much of a performance making a video is. It’s not perfectly played, but I’ve spent quite a while on the making a video side, so… And anyway – you’ve got to start somewhere.

So the experimentation is mainly in video making using an iPhone. Also, ‘performing’ for video: getting it right.

I’m still not really happy with my strings – Savarez Alliance. They seem to change everyday, so no consistency. And by the time I feel comfortable with a set, they seem to be about to die. If I changed them more often I think it would help, but they’re not cheap. I did try D’Addario Flamenco strings which I felt comfortable playing, except they sounded terrible (to me).

I’ve also tried Nail Envy, but I’m suspecting an allergic reaction to, which is a shame, as I’m quite impressed. I’m not giving up though (yet).


4 thoughts on “Catching up.”

  1. great to see you again Fitz. I loved the piece you play so well . The eternal problem of strings and nails shouldn’t deter you from sharing your lovely music. The video is great
    arthur xx

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  2. Thanks for the comment Arthur. I’ve kind of resigned myself to the eternal search. I’ve been doing some experiments lately, and am just documenting them rather than truly whinging. That may come!


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